Im here. Did you miss me Tons?

Blawg MAKE-OVER!!!!!! Yea, you love it. Right? Right? Right? Righttttt. I know you do, 😀 Gawd i MISSED blogging as Dylan!! Well dont worry, my massie blog is still up-and-running, but it no longer belongs to me. Massieblock94 is our massie now, and yea.. WOO! SO EXCITED TO BE BACK! bahaha i sound so pathetic. (kinda like sombody else we know.) Did you here? Thres ANOTHER new dylan on WP and let meh tell you she puts the P in P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. sorry, dont mean to sound like a female dawg. Anyways, heres our links: GET BLOGGING!






Dylan Liz Marvil<3

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